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"I have been working with Shauna for about three years now, since my perimenipause/menopause symptoms have gotten worse. Not only is she an amazing yoga teacher who works individually with her clients to improve their practice and reach their goals, she is focussed on her clients full body needs. (Physical, psychological and emotional). With each new symptom, she works diligently to find the individualized solution. For me, this has included diet changes, specific physical activity as well as individualized meditation/growth mindset coaching. I recommend Shauna to all those women who feel like they’ve tried everything and have failed. Shauna is the answer! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose." Melanie, 54





"I have been attending Shauna's Yin Yoga classes for almost two years. She is a wonderful yoga instructor that makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of their yoga knowledge, ability, or flexibility! Shauna ensures that everyone gets the most out of class by adapting poses to suit various individual capabilities. She is a genuinely lovely person that creates a yoga practice environment of kindness,  acceptance, and peacefulness. If you want the best of both; knowledgeable instructor and great personality, then I definitely recommend any yoga class with Shauna!"   Stephanie, age 47




"Shauna is genuine and makes everyone feel welcome. She is knowledgeable and helpful and I always feel better after her classes!"   Tracey, 46



"I have known Shauna for many years and in variety of capacities and in each can speak to her innate ability as a connector. She is thoughtful and genuine and truly makes you feel like you are the most important person. This was made abundantly clear after I began taking her yoga classes. Shauna is responsive to her clients during her practices and creates an environment that is safe, welcoming and personally transformative. She is a gift to those who know her."   Rhonda, 56



"Shauna has not only improved my understanding of my body through yoga, she has also helped me to strengthen my running regime by focusing on strengthening those pesky hips which always give us runners trouble. Her patience as I learn how to challenge myself through yoga has improved my confidence with the practice and has made it an essential part of my fitness routine to feel better and reduce injury when I’m running." Candice, 35

"If anyone can prepare a person for this age and stage of life, it's Shauna Laubman. She is someone who exudes wisdom, grace, and kindness it everything she says and does. Her calling to support and guide people towards midlife wellness is a gift to those of us who need exactly the perspective and experience she can offer through her physical and spiritual programming." Kerri Ann, 51.




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