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Holiday Ritual for Rest

We are entering the dark season of the year. Soon it’ll be time to cozy up for the Winter Solstice. 


The women I have been working with are expressing loud and clear that their biggest challenge and reality is the need for rest. I am also prioritizing rest and have made this more and more a priority in my life. It can seem difficult to prioritize rest when we live in a society that values productivity to such a high degree.   Our nervous systems are out of whack. Yet for optimal health,  we need to be well rested and restored. We need to come back to the body, to nestle in, and gather our resources. We need to rest.

My way of giving this holiday season is to provide you with resources, guidance and ideas to find rest. I hope you are able to find some peacefulness through these practices. 

Church Candles
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Self Care and Wellness

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